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Boat Lift And Dry Boat Storage | High And Dry Boat Lift

Aesthetically pleasing free-floating boat lifts have long been goal of the boat lift industry. With High and Dry’s patented siphon based system, the next generation of boat lift design has been achieved, providing an easily installed, free floating lift with no moving parts. Unlike dock mounted pump driven systems, which require rigorous installation procedures, external installation costs, and regular yearly maintenance; High and Dry Boat Lifts LLC offers a user-friendly, easily scalable, customizable design that is perfectly suited for any salt or fresh water docking scenario.

The unique design of a High and Dry lift enables the unit to be installed with or without dock fingers, allowing for easy step-in access to lifted boats in any configuration. The buoyancy of the lift is controlled by an easily operated four valve system, allowing the user to keep the boat level at all times during raising and lowering. The lifting control box is easily augmented to accommodate a remote control, allowing the operator to regulate the position of the lift without exiting the boat. High and Dry's operator friendly design also allows for it to be easily moved around a marina by driving or towing, requiring no extra contractor cost.

In a dock-mounted pressure based lifting system the boat can be mistakenly launched if the integrity of a hose or pontoon is compromised. In High and Dry’s unique design, the hoses can be completely removed and the boat will not launch, proving security and peace of mind to the owner. High and Dry boat lifts unsinkable design features no moving parts, durable fiberglass construction, and can be easily relocated to another dock, allowing our boat lifts to retain a higher resale value than dock mounted flotation systems. Call or email our sales team today to learn more about how a High and Dry Boat Lift is the best boat lift choice for your boat!

High And Dry Boat Lift Sales

High And Dry Boat Lifts
251 Creekside Drive
Fernandina Beach, Florida 32034
(423) 404-3403

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Houseboat Manufacturing By Trifecta Houseboats |
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