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SerendepityHouseboat Manufacturing By Trifecta Houseboats |

Before and after pictures of Refurbish Project

Houseboat Remodeling project Houseboat Manufacturing By Trifecta Houseboats |

Houseboat Remodeling project
Houseboat Remodeling project "His Promiise"
His Promise is a Refurbish project of a 1990 Stardust

Many aluminum houseboats have been around for years and may begin showing some wear and tear. Stardust has answered this problem with our Five Star Renovation Program. Stardust has been refurbishing our and other manufacturer’s boats for the past several years. These refurbishments have ranged from simple repairs to complete interior and exterior renovations. Included within this website are many examples of before and after solutions for your review. When the refurbishment includes complete hull and cabin paint, the results are fabulous; these boats outshine any other boat on the water.

Houseboat Manufacturing By Trifecta Houseboats |
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Houseboat Manufacturing By Trifecta Houseboats |
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